Monday, September 29, 2008



Skins beat the cowboys(YUCK!)!!!! Skins beat the cowboys!!!!
This is a rivalry that has been in my blood since birth. I have always loved my team in bad times or in good, and now...they beat the nasty cowboys on their own turf!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!

All together now..."Hail to the Redskins!!! Hail victory......."


Tracy Hanks said...

What up?!!!!!!??? Dont even mess. How bout some Redskin bread? And then let's play Barbies...Fireworks?

Lilian said...

WOW!!! I forgot about this passion you have!

Amy said...

Brandy! Not sure how I got here, but glad I found you! Cute blog it looks like you guys had a great trip. Redskins huh.... we're only concerned with the Cougs at our house but yeah for you and your team! Send me an email and I will send you a link to our family blog.