Sunday, June 22, 2008

As Time Goes By......

Look at these two cuties! Can you believe that this was Madelyn and her cousin Kelsey about 12 years ago? Ever since they were born they have always had this special connection. They were born only three days apart, my first baby, and my only sister's first baby.

For a while we lived to far apart to see them often, but now we are close enough to see each other several times a year! Yay!

Aren't they still so cute?! Trying to be serious, but in reality they're a couple of goofballs (just like me!--and my sister...)

It all started in February 1995.....!

And here's a picture of their lovely smiles! It's been a great weekend having them together! Cherry Hill, Ward water party, Tepanyaki.... Fun! Love you two!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Twiddlegy Begins.......

Ok, so I had a revelation tonight, whilst eating dinner with one of my favorite friends. We decided that if my daughter could marry one of her sons, we would be sealed together! And then we could spend Christmases together without any family tension! And then, our other friend(who couldn't be there at our GNO) could have her son marry my youngest daughter, and therefore we would have a TRILOGY. But, you know me, it didn't quite come out of my mouth as 'Trilogy', but more like 'twiddlegy' or 'twilligy'. is the new WORD OF THE WEEK!!! And, if things work out as is the word of a lifetime! (No pressure, kids.) And so, without further ado..... here was what the twiddlegy is REALLY all about.......

An eternity of this is what I'm talking about!

Oh my holy cow. What a trio.... This will definitely be on the wedding reception slide show! You've never met a bigger bunch of dorks. But, completely happy dorks, nonetheless. Maybe I should speak for myself.....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime Begins!!

Finally, it feels like Summer is here! It has warmed up for good, and the Summer festivities have begun. (And the countdown to when school starts again....for me, at least.)
We started off with an end of the year party for my seventh grader and her friends. I think they had fun. They're all pretty dorky at this stage in life, but they're a great group of kids!

And, of course, the annual trip to Hogle Zoo. We normally go during Spring Break, but since there was NO SPRING BREAK this year, we went the week after school. But, no worries, it was just as freezing on June 5th as it would have been in April. We still had a great time!!

And, more recently, we celebrated my sons 7th birthday! He was so excited to be 7. His big gift was A Russian Tortoise we promised him last Fall. He named him 'Chuck'. I will post another entry all about Chuck later. He has many antics and deserves his own entry(with photos, of course!) But, this picture of my soon-to-be 2nd grader just makes me smile. We were at the Mall food court, (yes, I know--FANCY) and he says, "Mom, Take a picture of me like this..." and proceeds to strike a pose. I love it. 7 years old MUST make you cool.