Monday, February 23, 2009

Lights! Camera!!!

Let me start by saying that I usually am completely BORED by the Oscars. YAWN! They always chose to nominate wack-a-doo movies that hardly anyone has seen, just to make an artistic statement of some sort. But I knew I would be watching last night. I had read that there would be a TWILIGHT presence at the show this year and I said "Set the Tivo and call the girls!"

So, that's what I did.

Lance went with the other husbands down to our neighbor's house, while his wife and all my girls (it's a grand total of 3 dear friends, 5 including Madelyn and myself) came here. So, we were free to giggle and act like idiots. Well, some of us did anyways, and for different reasons....

Lilian brought M&M cookies and I made a chocolate cake. Kara was supposed to bring chocolate bars but something happened and they never made it. hmm.... And Allison doesn't eat junk anymore. She claims it's the reason she's crabby all the time. I say it's the reason she looks so fabulous!

Hugh Jackman started out the event with a hilarious musical number that had Lilian all flustered. ( Me too, okay? ) Well, here, if you don't believe me...

...and who wouldn't be? He's freakin' Wolverine!

But, by far the house got pretty dang loud when a certain pale, messy haired Brit walked on stage. ( breathe!) Allison got busy taking snapshots as we turned out all the lights and rewound the Tivo to watch it over a few times. This is what she captured:

Please note that some of us (Kara) look giddier than others.... and the remote is in my lap hahaha! Need to be ready!

I mean seriously, people......

Okay, enough of that. Need to concentrate.....

The best part of the night was just hanging with the best ladies EVER!!! And my sweet daughters of course! We passed the camera around and I have dozens of odd pictures that I did not take. Various ear lobes, noses and foreheads. Lovely! I won't post those, Ali and Kara. But I will post these, because they make me happy. Hope they make you happy too.

Please, don't ask about the one below.

Can't wait 'till next year!