Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Night Lights?

Ok, maybe not lights... but STARS.

I knew that Twilight was being released on Friday at midnight. I knew that I wasn't going to go at midnight and get it, when I wasn't going to stay up and watch it that late anyways. I knew I was just going to go to Target on Saturday morning and buy it and have a lovely day watching it for the 7th time. Nice weekend plans.

That got thrown OUT THE WINDOW when I discovered that a cast member from the movie was coming to SLC for the release. "WHAAAAATTT? Okay, what am I going to wear? Who is going to be? Could ROB be coming to our cute little Utah? Why isn't Kara picking up her phone I need to TELL HER?" Those types of things were going through my mind.

After much web surfing and detective work, we found out that this mysterious cast member would be going to the Walmart (can you say white trash?) in Riverton. Plans were made.

Madelyn, Kara and I arrived around 8pm and got in line. The line would take you to get your DVD and the actor would sign it. Employees had little contests throughout the line. One was a screaming contest. Which I WON. Yes, I am thirtysomething. But evidently I can scream with the best of them. Then I had to answer a trivia question about the books to win. BRING IT WALMART BOY. Of course I got it right. I won a charm bracelet and gave it to Madelyn. Mom of the Year. I know. Here a some pics of us waiting....

Finally, about 10:30 ish...... our actor arrives. Robert? Is that you? No. Honestly I didn't think it would be him, but a girl can hope! But it was my FAVORITE girl from the movie.... VICTORIA!!!

The actress Rachelle LeFevre.

It's nice to have your handy professional photographer friend with you.... ;) Your pics are soooo much better than mine, Kara!

Prettier in person! And completely normal and nice. Here's Madelyn behind her...almost our turn!

It was all fast, but she was gracious and sweet.

Here is the autograph!!!

SO much fun last night!!! Got home at 1:30am. Slept until 8:40am. Watched the DVD at 9:45 am. Yep, that's how I roll.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Young Women

(Can you find me? I am the INSANELY TALL one in the back. Freak.)
Let me start by saying that this group of fine ladies above has morphed over the last two and a half years. Some of the girls grew up into women and left us, while some grew from little girls into fine young ladies and joined us! And, a little tender to my heart, some leadership has changed as well. Changes happen all the time, we always adjust and the love we have for each other never changes!

This picture was taken at New Beginnings last month. It's the time where we talk to the girls about their goals and hopes for the year. It was such a great night. Our YW President, Kara Elmore (who, by the way, is LEAVING US- you poo-head) gave a beautiful message to the girls. And we had the girls involved so much! From leading the music ( MADELYN!), pianist, talks etc,. they pulled together nicely.

And I can't post about YW and NOT talk about the CHEER. Yes, when the leaders got on stage and cheered our Mutual theme to the teenagers. All of them.Yeah. But we totally got them back and made them do cheers too. Sweet justice, folks. So here are some pictures of the groups and their loveliness!

Okay, so this group is Madelyn, Ally, Amanda and Autumn...

Matt looks great in this one.
But it also has Danielle, Dusty and Lauren!

Rachel and McKenna....

AHHHHHHH! The beloved Wednesday night mutual.... always fun to escape with those gals!

And this next photo is a poll of sorts... should I make my hair this color? Darker?... redder? Help! My appointment is March 19th. And I am not not coloring it. TOOOOOO many grays.....