Saturday, March 7, 2009

Young Women

(Can you find me? I am the INSANELY TALL one in the back. Freak.)
Let me start by saying that this group of fine ladies above has morphed over the last two and a half years. Some of the girls grew up into women and left us, while some grew from little girls into fine young ladies and joined us! And, a little tender to my heart, some leadership has changed as well. Changes happen all the time, we always adjust and the love we have for each other never changes!

This picture was taken at New Beginnings last month. It's the time where we talk to the girls about their goals and hopes for the year. It was such a great night. Our YW President, Kara Elmore (who, by the way, is LEAVING US- you poo-head) gave a beautiful message to the girls. And we had the girls involved so much! From leading the music ( MADELYN!), pianist, talks etc,. they pulled together nicely.

And I can't post about YW and NOT talk about the CHEER. Yes, when the leaders got on stage and cheered our Mutual theme to the teenagers. All of them.Yeah. But we totally got them back and made them do cheers too. Sweet justice, folks. So here are some pictures of the groups and their loveliness!

Okay, so this group is Madelyn, Ally, Amanda and Autumn...

Matt looks great in this one.
But it also has Danielle, Dusty and Lauren!

Rachel and McKenna....

AHHHHHHH! The beloved Wednesday night mutual.... always fun to escape with those gals!

And this next photo is a poll of sorts... should I make my hair this color? Darker?... redder? Help! My appointment is March 19th. And I am not not coloring it. TOOOOOO many grays.....


The Hathcock's said...

Great young womens picture! Don't you just love the young women! I am assistant camp director this year and I look forward to getting to spend time with them at camp! About the hair....I love the color you have looks good on you so try to stay close to that!

kara elmore said...

no - YOU are the poo head for not COMING WITH ME!!!! Love these girls... love them! Love the leaders... :)

NOW - if you really ARE going to color it - then I saw similar to THIS pic below... but w/ some more RED in it... YES??????????

Love you - too much pepsi/lime and all. :)

Jessica Potter said...

I love the dark hair. Go dark. Cute young women!

Lilian said...

I miss them.

You're hair is GORGEOUS and I love that color! YES... this color!!

Kara said...

what they all don't know is what you were doing to an innocent young woman before the first pic was taken!!!! Lol! love you

De & Matt said...

hope you love your hair! should've been yesterday? but anyway! we miss you guys! maybe sometime we can do dinner or lunch or something again soon? let me know what you think!