Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recitals and Updates

I am such a SLACKER!!! But oh well, I will start fresh and talk about the cute recitals of my two youngest girls. Lulu had a Ballet/Jazz recital....which is HILARIOUS to behold. 4 year olds on stage.... dancing to 'Bop to the Top'. Priceless! This was the Winter recital (obviously) and they will have their fancy costumes for the recital in June.

And Savannah had her tumbling exhibition. She's pretty darn good. I could never, EVER, hope to do a cartwheel in my entire life. Not as a child, certainly not now! But there she goes, whippin' 'em out like nothing! I was trying to upload the video of her performance, but it was taking FOR-freaking-EVER!!!!! So, I apologize. Hopefully this post can sustain us all for a few days.?