Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime Begins!!

Finally, it feels like Summer is here! It has warmed up for good, and the Summer festivities have begun. (And the countdown to when school starts again....for me, at least.)
We started off with an end of the year party for my seventh grader and her friends. I think they had fun. They're all pretty dorky at this stage in life, but they're a great group of kids!

And, of course, the annual trip to Hogle Zoo. We normally go during Spring Break, but since there was NO SPRING BREAK this year, we went the week after school. But, no worries, it was just as freezing on June 5th as it would have been in April. We still had a great time!!

And, more recently, we celebrated my sons 7th birthday! He was so excited to be 7. His big gift was A Russian Tortoise we promised him last Fall. He named him 'Chuck'. I will post another entry all about Chuck later. He has many antics and deserves his own entry(with photos, of course!) But, this picture of my soon-to-be 2nd grader just makes me smile. We were at the Mall food court, (yes, I know--FANCY) and he says, "Mom, Take a picture of me like this..." and proceeds to strike a pose. I love it. 7 years old MUST make you cool.


Lilian said...

He does look WAY COOL!

Lacey said...

Blog stalking is so great! I read my comments, think "who the heck is Brandy?" and CLICK, up pops your cute family! Fabulous! So, parties and zoo trips already? Pace yourself, sister!

The Blackner 5 said...

Gabe is soooo handsome. He's got it down already. I can't wait to hear more about Chuck. Wash your hands!

Jessica Potter said...

So what a fun time! Gabe is looking like a little stud muffin!

Paige said...

He is such a cutie! I am so glad that I know you have a blog. Send me an email at & I'll send you an invite to view ours! :)