Thursday, September 18, 2008

What on Earth is going on????!!!!

You can't see it clearly, but that is Madelyn out there in the lovely waters of Newport Beach, California!!! Can you guess what it is she is doing? Surfing, searching for clams? Leave your best guess in the comments!

Also, this same wonderful daughter of mine can be seen here. MUCH better photos I think!!!


Lilian said...

I think she might be praying?

Perhaps she's pondering the beauty of the Ocean?

OH WAIT! I KNOW what she's doing.... She's wishing her wackadoodle mother wasn't taking her picture at that very moment!


Brandy said...

I I a total doofus for posting this? Probably.

karaelmore said...

no - not a doofus - but rather a mother who wants her BEAUTIFUL daughter to remember she's only human. :) That's my justification at least. ;)

sara said...

i think she like boating or something

Sam said...

maybe shes drowning, but a superhero saved her. cuz obviously shes not dead cuz she came to school this week.