Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now hear this!

I have been in dire need of a hair trim.

Bangs especially.

I need color, too.

But I have been nervous because my regular gal quit her styling job recently! The HORROR!! So, I found a new stylist just last week!! Yay!! I didn't do color, just bangs and such, but I feel so much better. It's nothing new, so no one get excited. But I feel good, and the price was FABU!!!!

A BIG thank you to the newest Salon in the Kaysville area!!!! KE Salon!!! Here is the link... she's pretty busy but a BLAST to talk to!!!!

**KE Salon**


karaelmore said...

WOW I am already booked up until 2010 BECAUSE of your link!!! :) You get free haircuts for everyone. Kind of like NO SOUP FOR YOU - but now FREE HAIRCUTS FOR YOU!

karaelmore said...

btw - your eyes look a bit freaky in the second picture :)

Brandy said...'d better sleep with one eye open, Kara.

karaelmore said...

HEY - YOU WON!!! GO check out the blog. :)
I've got my EYE on you.

Lilian said...

So, yeah... do ya just weanna fix the link so I can get my hair done for the wedding???? The link sent me off to some crazy chick that only knows how to take pictures! I'm sure she'd love to cut my hair, but, yeah... can you IMAGINE how it would look????