Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CHUCK!... and bike riding

Here are the long awaited photos of Chuck the magnificent! He is the only pet in our humble abode (unless you count the fish). This was Gabe's 7th birthday present about a month or so ago. He is quite the character. I know what you're thinking..."He's just a boring turtle!" NO! He is an exciting 'tortoise' who provides loads of fun to our sometimes mundane lives. As you can see in the picture above, he loves to go outside and eat my petunias! Naughty little guy.... But we make sure he doesn't wander too far and we lose him forever (Elmore!).

(And don't worry, everyone's gotten used to washing our hands after playing with our dear reptile.)

Now, onto other important bits of information!!! Gabe can now ride his bike! (meaning, no more training wheels!) His Dad kept reminding him that he could ride his bike when he was 4.( Lance can do all those types of things well.) But Gabe is a really cautious kind of guy and decided that 7 was a good age for him. He spends every spare second out on the street practicing his new skills! Yay for you, bud! Congrats!


Nanna said...

WAY TO GO, MY MAN!!! Love, Nanna

Lilian said...

Chuck, what a special tortoise he is. What a weird spelling tortoise is!!!

Paige said...

That is so great! Way to go Gabe! I think Hayden might keep his training wheels on forever! He's very careful too.