Monday, July 13, 2009

Facebook is my friend?

It should be because it takes all the time away from my blog! I thought I should stop neglecting my darling little blog and update it for once!!!

The first week of July was pretty eventful. Gabe was baptized on the fourth of July (pretty lucky day!) and we had an Edwards Family reunion that week after.

Here is Gabe before his baptism

He got baptized up in Mendon Utah ( near Logan) with his cousin. It was easier to get all the family up there together that way! It was a great day.

Here is a pic of my side of the family. My parents, and my sis and her family too. (We are missing Kelsey because she was practicing for the Stadium of Fire!) I'm not sure if there is a lens wide enough to capture all of Lance's family together.... ;)

After that we spent the day at Lance's brother's house and had a cook-out and fireworks that night. It was a long day but the kids went swimming and caught up with all the cousins. We went to the car show parade in downtown Logan later that evening(see photo above). It stank like cars but the kids enjoyed it......

The next few days were spent catching up with Lance's side of the family. By the time we got to his brother's wedding on Wednesday, I could feel the sickness starting. You know that feeling when your back starts to ache and your skin is sensitive? Yeah, that. Ohhhhhhhh joy.

See this picture? FEVER. ME. Not feeling too well.

By the time we got in the car to make the hour drive back to Kaysville, I was shaking and shivering and miserable! What is with that? Mom's can't be miserable! I have things to do! Food to make! Rooms to clean! Errands to run! A certain Utah Jazz player to follow around a Layton golf course!!!! Jeesh! Needless to say I am still NOT BETTER. I finally got a prescription for a sinus infection (of course!). So I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. Hopefully.........

So here are some comical photos from the wedding where I was really wanting to put on some pj's and go to sleep. But instead, I snapped random pics of my kids to pass the time.

This is Olivia and her little sweet cousin from Texas. FULL of personality, those two.

Gabe was clearly tired of me taking pictures at this point.

Madelyn is always beautiful. Even while re-enacting scenes from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Savannah and her favorite cousin. Partners in crime.

Couldn't resist posting this one. I felt the way she looks in this pic. I know, Olivia, I know.


Bea said...

Poor Olivia :o( not only does she not feel good but her MOTHER has to take a picture and show it to the WORLD!!!!!! For this your Mommy deserved to be sick :o)

Lilian said...

HA HA... leave it to my mom to always feel sorry for the little ones. Sorry you were so sick Brandy. The pictures are great!

The Blackner 5 said...

Ah shoot! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Looks like ya all had a fun time though!


Glad to see you back on the blog girl! Your kids all look so cute!

Anonymous said...

umm... cool stuff
-love the favorite
Elder Nielsen

karaelmore said...

This was too much for me to read - let alone look at. Only because it made me FREAKING CRY to even see you! And madelyn in all her glory and pink and grey and those SHOES! But seeing you - in your loveliness. i cried. I looked away. I shunned the blog. STOP IT. Stop being wonderful. You know how much easier it would've been to move it you were a TERRIBLE PERSON! And ugly, too!!!! :) I miss you. I love you. Jazz it up. :)

Kris said...

Facebook seems to do that to a lot of people! I try not to get on there too often b/c when I do I find it just sucks me in further and further! I didn't realize Gabe and my Tyler were that close in age. Tyler turns 8 November 1st. Don't you just hate being somewhere obligatory when you are sick! So not fun!