Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've been tagged by my dear friend. I normally don't like to do these. Reading other peoples' tags is fine, I just kind of think I don't even have enough people read my blog to tag anyone else!!!!
So, here goes!!!
4 Places I visit frequently
1. The grocery store
2. Church
3. The laundry room
4. the bathroom
( see? I told you I'm no good at this!)

4 people who call/text/email me regularly
1. Lance
2. My sister
3. My Mom
4. Madelyn

4 favorite foods
1. chips and salsa
2. chicken enchiladas
3. funeral potatoes
4. Jamaican Jerk Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

4 movies I'd watch over and over
1. Gone with the Wind ("Frankly my dear.....")
2.Phantom of the Opera (Yes, Lilian...Gerard.)
3. Any of The Lord of the Rings( yes, I know)
4. Harry Potter!

4 bands/groups I like to listen to
1. Coldplay
2. One Republic
3. Michael Buble
4. Chicago

4 people I'm tagging...
1. Allison

Okay! I did it! I fulfilled my duty!!


Lilian said...

So proud of you! Sorry to put you through such trauma! LOL!

Ben and Tammie Hathcock Family said...

Okay Brandy, so now that I have been tagged, what do I do?! You will have to let me know!
Tammie :)