Friday, May 16, 2008

Tabernacle Choir!

Last night our mutual group took a trip to temple Square to watch the Tabernacle Choir rehearse. Sometimes I think people in this part of the world (the bubble that is SLC area) don't fully understand how lucky they are. I would have passed out as a youth to have an experience like this!

It was a beautiful experience. I am so glad I get to go with my daughter on things like this. I love being a Young women leader!

Here is a picture of the youth that went last night. The temple is the background. A lot of people are missing because normally we have mutual on Wednesday's. But we had fun! Plus, our van we rode in stopped for ice cream on the way home, so you can't go wrong! ( Thanks, Helen!)


Lilian said...

You're so LUCKY!!!!

I see a couple of really goodlooking boys in that group!!!