Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Friday!!!

It has been a while since I've posted, but life is crazy sometimes. I volunteered at Barnes and Noble Friday night, for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. I have become 'Twilight' obsessed since March and was SOOO excited! The perk was, the volunteers didn't need to wait in line to get there books. At 12:01 sharp, we were the first to pay and leave! Check out the line that went ALL the way back to Michael's....

Another fun perk was...hanging with Stephenie Meyer's sister!! She was there and let us take pictures with her and when they closed the store down at 11:15 to start the line outside, we (as volunteers) got to hang out with her in the break room until 12:00. She told us some interesting things about Robert Pattinson's take on Edward.
Here is our photo with her.... by the way she's the Emily that 'Sam's Emily' is named after.

She was a good sport about it all. We are all so crazy and obsessed!
Here is Madelyn in the Bella look-a-like contest. She didn't win, (a little girl did), but it was so fun!

Now, I did finish the book on Saturday, and for those of you who have not yet read it, I will edit my thoughts/opinions. But in short....WHERE THE HECK WAS MY EDWARD????? That's all I will say for now.


Jessica Potter said...

LOL! I thought it was the perfect mix of Edward and romance and thrill and creativity! Loved it! Okay I could have used a little more Edward- LOL!

Kristy said...

So glad you had a fun Friday. Amy and I had some excitement at Walmart that night too. Haven't sped like that in a while!
I can't wait to talk about this book with all the gals. Love it, hate it, (whatever) it's one to at least get some "ruffled feathers" talking about (hehehe get it ..feathers!)
I wanna hear more about what her sister had to say.

sarahhicken said...

Looks like you had a great time. Nicole and I went to Smith's there were so many books still there after everyone had one. It was good but parts of it totallycaught me by surprise.

Paige said...

You are too cute - I think Madelyn is a perfect Bella! She's so darling. And how fun to be at Barnes & Noble that night! I still haven't read it yet - I am making myself wait until I'm moved in & unpacked (otherwise it won't get done 'til I'm finished reading!)

Leslie said...

I heard about this book coming out last week. From the way people are talking about it, it seems to be making a stir or something. This book in particular (although I won't know for quite awhile until I read that novel). It's crazy to say this but I hadn't heard about her series until I was back in Oregon last month on vacation and bought her 'Twilight' book. It looks like you girls had a blast that night at B&N! I can't believe how grown up Madelyn is getting. But then again I haven't see you all in 5 years or so so that could be why. :) Oh, and just so you know: I wrote you back from the comment you left me on my blog so you can check it out there.